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This is the story of a very personally driven brand. Our founder, Mohamed Nawara used to play the keyboard and Oud, without any academic study, during school and university. After finishing college, he moved apart from music to start his own private business and to start a family.


Ten years later, when he established a stable life, he started putting a plan to return to his passion but in a professional manner.

Coming from an analog background, Mohamed found it challenging at first to digest the modern ways of producing music and the fact that it all became computer based, so he attended a course teaching Logic Pro, a music composition software.


Mohamed Nawara kept on experimenting and developing his compositions while attending different workshops up until 2015 where he started his real academic journey with Berklee College of Music.


He decided first to take it slow, so he only applied for one introductory music theory course at Berklee online. After one month, he was confident that this is where he wants to pursue, and worked his way up to earn a Masters Certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV.


Along with the online programs, he used to travel to the Berklee campus in Valencia, Spain each summer to take more advanced summer programs.


In addition, he also attended some of Hollywood Music Workshop courses in Baden, Austria where he was taught by some of Hollywood’s top musicians which gave him a great exposure in the highest level of film scoring . HMW also helped him in creating a very solid network of international professional musicians around the globe.


Nowadays, Nawara Music is a very well established premises focused on Orchestral Music Composition for Cinema, TV and media, music production for special events and occasions, in addition to mixing and mastering services.


Mohamed composed music for some music festivals like 2018 Alexandria’s Song Festival, Awards Events like 2018 Dear Guest.. He also composed the main theme music of Egypt’s Channel 1 TV..


The studio particularly excels at combining several talents together when composing a piece. Nawara works on very selective, niche projects that communicate a message and are not made for common commercial purposes. One of his main differentiators is his international network, made during his study at Berklee and HMW, which he employs in his projects depending on its needs

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